Yoga Dose

I am a yoga student, not a teacher. That said, I still want to share yoga with others. Therefore, welcome to e-YOGA, the yoga that you don't have to actually practice and that I don't have to actually teach! Actually, that's just a joke. Yoga includes everything; just read this to see what I mean.

I have created a category of blog posts called "Yoga Dose" (see side-left panel) to share my understanding of yoga as a source of healing. Perhaps it will be a quote from an insightful teacher.  It might be something I heard beforehand that popped back into my mind during my practice. (I'm a wannabe yogini, not an actual one.) Or, on days that I practice by myself or not at all, it might be something to inspire hope or even laughter.

The intent of "Yoga Dose" is multi-layered, but mostly to:
  • draw attention and awareness to the healing nature of yoga and bodywork;
  • perhaps motivate someone else to practice;
  • motivate myself to practice as much as possible (it's hard for me too!);
  • to be a vector of positive thoughts and source of potential healing resources.
I am certain that reading these words on a computer screen will have a different effect than hearing them while struggling through an intense pose. The whole purpose of the asanas (poses), after all, are to train the body and mind at the same time so that the body and mind are in unity. Perhaps ask yourself how differently you might connect to these words if you heard them while also stuck in chaturanga.

The insight gained from the forthcoming doses is yours alone. Just as in an actual practice, ultimately, the interpretation is left to you. (Think positive.)

One could say this is my attempt to be present while looking forward to looking back over time to observe the change. That doesn't sound very yogic, but, hey, it is what it is.

All we have is now, right? So... let's go let go!

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