Saturday, November 6, 2010

TEDx Great Pacific Garbage Patch Conference - Livestream All Day

As promised, here is the livestream of today's TEDx Great Pacific Garbage Patch conference taking place in Santa Monica, California. This important conversation, running from 8:30a-6:00p PST, features some of the biggest leaders drawing awareness to the global plastic pollution crisis. Scroll down below to check out the agenda.

Watch live streaming video from tedxgp2 at


8:30 am – Welcome to TEDxGreatPacificGarbagePatch

  • Daniella Russo: Plastic Pollution is Global, Massive and Urgent
  • Amy Novogratz: The Mission Blue Connection

9:00 am – Morning Session: Reporting The Problem
Topic 1: Plastic Pollution and Ocean Health
  • Capt. Charles Moore: Ten Years Later, the Gyre is All Around Us
  • Dianna Cohen TED Video
  • Anna Cummins and Marcus Ericsen: Five Gyres
  • Chris Malloy: Plastic Everywhere
  • Fabien Cousteau: Ocean Animals and Plastic Pollution
  • Ben Lear: Music
Topic 2: Plastic Pollution Around The Globe
  • Bharati Chaturvedi: Not Just the Ocean – A Report from India
  • David Wernery: In the Desert – A Report from the United Arab Emirates
Topic 3: Plastic Pollution and Environmental Justice
  • Van Jones: Environmental Justice
  • Suja Lowenthal: The Growing Costs of Collection and Disposal
  • Monica Wilson: Waste, Justice and Livelihoods
  • Victoria Sloan Jordan: Poetry
Topic 4: Plastic Pollution and Public Health
  • Arlene Blum: Plastic Pollution in Our Homes
  • Ken Cook: Plastic Pollution in Our Bodies
  • Jeanne Rizzo: The Breast Cancer Connection
  • Stacy Malkan: Plastics Industry Makeover
Topic 5: The Real Problem: Our Attitude
  • JD Russo: Awareness is Not Enough
  • Chris Jordan: We Must Be The Change
Lunch Break
1:30 pm – Afternoon Session: Exploring The Solutions
  • Fernando Pullum Jazz Band: Music
  • Charlotte Weir Addresses The Audience
Topic 6: Building Awareness and Outreach; Leading by example
  • Lila Roo: Dance Performance
  • David de Rothschild: Tackling our Nature Deficiency Disorder
  • Beth Terry: My Plastic-Free Life
  • Jordan Howard: Organizing for Change
  • Ed Begley, Jr: Living a Sustainable Life
Topic 7: Getting Business on Board
  • Andy Behar: Engaging Business Through Shareholders
  • Andy Keller: Business and Industry – Part of the Solution
Topic 8: Policy Initiatives That Work
  • Lisa Boyle: Global Initiatives
  • H.E. John Dramani Mahama: Ghana – a success story
  • Dr. Rose Mukankomeje: Rwanda’s ban on plastic
Topic 9: Investing In the Future: Science, Research and Technology
  • Aimee Christensen: Design for the Future
  • Patrick Kenney: Stopping The Flow of Toxic Plastic
  • Ferris Thompson: Innovation Through Entrepreneurship
  • Ellyn Maybe: poetry
4:00 pm – Break
5:00 pm – Four Global Challenges
  • Inara George: Music
  • Erica Williams: To Individuals and Businesses
  • Wallace “J” Nichols: To Manufacturers
  • Leslie Tamminen: To Policy-makers and Political Leaders
  • H. E. Stuart Beck: To Plastic Industry
5:45 pm – Sylvia Earle: The Time for Change Has Arrived
  • Jackson Browne: Music
6:00 pm – Adjourn

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