Sunday, February 20, 2011

Yoga Dose

[Now that you've already worked through 30 minutes of tough poses. . .]

"Hold yourself in upper push-up position [30 seconds]. Now, slowly lower your forearms down to the floor, one at a time, and hold yourself in plank position while on your forearms. [Another 30 seconds]. Do you remember that movie, 'Home Alone?' You know, not all the later ones, the first one, the good one. [Breathe. Breathe. Shake.] Yeah, so now, I want you to gradually bend your arms one at a time so that you are on your elbows and cupping your face with both hands. [Reminder: you are in plank position.] Exactly! That's it! Ok, stay there. Where are you going? Man, I held this pose for three days once."

Power Yoga Teacher

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