Thursday, April 7, 2011

Lessons from the Universe

Eureka! I think I figured out one way to try to keep myself motivated to practice yoga by becoming aware of the first law of physics. The answer: just... keep... on... moving...

Via the clip below, the first law of physics is that, "Things like to keep on doing what they are already doing. If a thing is at rest, it wants to stay at rest. If it is moving, it wants to keep on moving. In other words, there is lots and lots of laziness in the universe. Physicists have a special word for laziness. It comes from Latin... INERTIA." Basically, the idea is that nothing will move [or stop] on its own accord, it must be forced to act or desist through pushing or pulling.

Technically speaking, we're also "things" of the universe. At least now I have a scientific reason to explain why it's so hard to start or stop anything. It's all Inertia's fault! (Ok, maybe not.)

So, where does the drive to keep practicing come from? Perhaps it is the routine. Perhaps it's the teacher. Perhaps it's the calming and pleasing environment of the studio. Perhaps it's the goal of attaining a new pose. Perhaps it's feeling a part of a community. Perhaps it's the feelings it evokes. (Personally, I think it's due to these reasons.) But, in any case, since we too are subject to the laws of physics, the inertia of moving the body at least sounds a lot healthier and more appealing than the alternative.

I hope knowing this will serve as strong enough of a force to kick me into gear the next time the idea of crawling into a small space behind a big, heavy rock in a dark and distant cave sounds more appealing. Inertia might keep me there forever and that's not really where I would prefer to "be", for long at least.

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