Friday, May 4, 2012

Transformation Starts Within

The video below details the progression of a disabled veteran who had nearly given up hope on his life as he heals his own body-mind and spirit, restores his will, learns to walk again and loses 140 lbs - through a yoga practice. Given that it was posted online only two days ago and already has nearly one million views, it's obvious that his message is needing to be heard by many.

I find this video particularly inspiring for a number of reasons. First and foremost, through this video log, this man is demonstrating how there is much more to what he is doing than exercise in that a committed practice can heal and empower the whole being. He also demonstrates that healing requires constant dedication, practice, commitment, effort, faith and compassion to overcome the challenges that he faces. He is also touchingly honest about his process and compassionate with himself in recognizing that it takes a lot of work, patience, baby steps, half-starts, tumbles and failures as he transforms his life. 

His message is clear, "Never, Ever Give Up." The icing on top is that he started on this path at 47 years old!

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