Wednesday, August 17, 2011

It's Not Over Til It's Over

I'm back! I've moved! Things are changing, but Yoga remains the same. Or, maybe not. Surprise surprise!

Given the level of interest and support I've received for "Yoga Doses," many of the future posts I will be making will be done via the LA YOGA Magazine Twitter or Facebook feeds. Follow LA YOGA on Twitter (by clicking here) or facebook (by clicking here).

I've already posted a few on my own twitter feed here, but I will also be alternating between that and this BLOG, dah da daaa.

So with no further adieu, Today's Yoga Dose is... actually from a couple days ago.
Heard in Class: "Respect the fact that we are always changing, always evolving, so these postures are always going to be a little bit different."

And remember, check this site (or any of the others I've mentioned) to get a Dose of Yoga without having to lift more than a finger!  After all, this is e-YOGA, the form of yoga that you don't have to actually practice and that I don't have to actually teach!

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