Sunday, May 1, 2011

Dose #108

"Make your way up from the floor and into sitting. Take the hands together to Namaste, raise them up 
to the third eye center as we ask for: Clarity of Sight, show me what I need to see;
to the lips: Clarity of Speech, help me say what needs to be heard; and 
to the center of the chest: Clarity of Action, help me live my truth, from my heart. 
- Yogis Anonymous teacher

And with that yoga dose, I'm taking a break from this blog. I figure I should explain why I will be away. I may eventually resume posting but, as taught in yoga, who knows what the future holds. Whatever it is can lie in waiting. I'll do my best to prepare for it in the meantime by continuing to practice yoga.

Each entry has been inspired by my own teachers and yoga practice. Sharing the words that I have heard or thought about during my own practice has given me what I feel is the opportunity to demonstrate that bodywork (including yoga and massage) impacts and helps more than just our own bodies.

The interconnectedness of the world, of our lives and of our very body and brain means that every action and inaction that we take creates ripples of immeasurable effects. That is perhaps no more obvious to me than through the simple act of taking care of oneself so that we are better prepared to take care of everything else in our lives. Another blogger I found states the message clearly in just the title of her own blog: It Starts With Me. Starting at the source, taking care of the body, helps enhance our mind, our health, our lives and by consequence, everything else we come in contact with.

If you can't already tell from the content on this blog, it is my belief that bodywork is a fundamental way to practice self-care, to heal through finding connection, to tend that which is the root and the core of health - our own body - and to cultivate peace within and by default with others. The practice can be as simple as taking a deep breath or as profound as providing a hopeful lens through which to view, to understand, and to connect to the world and to the human condition in all its beauty and suffering.

It is my hope that the content here will provide some insight into the role that yoga, massage and positive language can play in healing and balancing the body and mind (and even spirit, if that is the word to mean that which is a part of all of us but intangible.)

For a list of some of my favorite posts, click here. For one last link to an interesting science video that explains how our lifestyles and choices matter and how change can be created from within, click here.

Que les vaya bien. Namaste.

"We work on ourselves, in order to help others, but we also help others, in order to work on ourselves."
~ Pema Chodron

blue like morning

Yo aquí vine a los límites
En donde no hay que decir nada
Todo se aprende con tiempo y océano,
Y volvía la luna,
Sus líneas plateadas
Y cada vez se rompía la sombra
Con un golpe de ola
Y cada día en el balcón del mar
Abre las alas, nace el fuego
Y todo sique azul como mañana.
~ Pablo Neruda, It Is Born

Below is my interpretation, which is different from the one most often quoted online because how can a poem (especially by Neruda) ever really be translated correctly anyways:

Here I came to the very edge
Where words are not necessary
All the answers are revealed by the sea and time,
And the moon turned back around,
Her rays all silvered,
And each time, the darkness was broken
With the crash of a wave
And each day, from the balcony of the sea
Wings open wide and fire is born
And everything returns to blue like morning. 

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